Will Maguire's article about his memorial sculpture

As you may remember Hunter Galvanizing was lucky to be involved in the making of the Steelworkers memorial last year in May 2015, by Will Maguire

"The design was based around simple abstract forms in heavy forged steel representing both the workers who died and the people who mourn them. The figures stand in a supportive circle around a sinking column of steel representing the steelworks and the collective fading memory of those times and people." 

The article explains the process, with some pictures illustrating different points, and other companies who were also played a part. It is a great read, worth taking 5 minutes out of your time, and Hunter Galvanizing were praised which is very kind 

Most of the steel work was hot dip galvanised and Hunter Galvanisers were a pleasure to work with and did a wonderful job of the dip.
— Will Maguire

Hunter Galvanizing are proud to become one of the DSA sponsors

The Disabled Surfers Association (DSA) is a totally voluntary independent surfing organization.

DSA has been helping people with all types of disabilities, including c2 quadriplegia, to enjoy a safe surfing experience in waist deep broken waves, now going for more than 10 years in the Hunter region alone.

Volunteers are local surfers and citizens from around the Hunter Region that make it all possible and rely on local sponsors to help provide the equipment they need.

Hunter Galvanizing are now proud to become one of these sponsors, Tony Kalesovski, Danny Lozanovski and Kyle Hesketh met with the National President and DSA Founder Garry Blaschke and Co PresidentBede Thoroughgood to present them with some gifts on behalf of Hunter Galvanizing.

DSA started back in 1986, and now in 2015, there are 15 active branches across Australia and New Zealand. Their training programs are award winning for Outstanding Achievement in implementing Safe Sport Practices and Minister’s Awards for most significant contribution to Water Safety by an Organisation.

For anyone wishing to become a volunteer, please don’t hesitate to contact Bede on mobile: 0427 654 201 or Email: hunter.prez@disabledsurfers.orgfor further information.